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Of Thighs and Thyroids

Normal Thyroid Levels and Weight Gain – When I was 39, my doctor informed me that I had virtually no thyroid function left.  I went screaming home and called my mother in a panic, and she calmly commented, “Of course your thyroid stopped working– you’re about the age when mine stopped working.”  Okay, I thought to myself, thanks a heap for the heads-up.  I realized that though I was generally aware of the medications my mother took, I had never noticed her taking thyroid supplements.  She explained that in her era of stay-at-home Moms and bridge parties, her doctor had discouraged taking synthetic thyroid hormone and recommended that she “get more rest when she feels tired.”  Uh-huh.   We’ve come a long way, baby.

This episode taught me a couple of important things.  First, it was time for a loooong conversation with Mom about health issues, which wasn’t easy; our parents come from a generation that was not raised to discuss intimate subjects, especially with their children.  (Hopefully we’ll do better when it’s our turn.)  I also learned to keep notes as my mother encountered  health issues, as I was pretty sure I was getting previews of coming attractions.  I was able to recognize the next inherited gift, lactose intolerance, without too much drama.

Once I realized that my thyroid had retired to a cottage in the Cotswolds where it was unavailable for my future metabolic needs, I wasted no time in starting on thyroid replacement hormone.

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