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Hey, Little Girl, the First One is Free…

Do I really want to lose weight? – Today I’d like to address a scourge on Society, a class of nefarious evildoers determined to corrupt the innocent and lead them down them the long, dark road of addiction.  Of course I’m talking about the store employees at your local Krispy Kreme donut shop.

Sometimes the siren song of that “Hot Donuts Now” sign is just too much to resist, and I find myself inexorably drawn into the parking lot.  I never use the drive-through; I figure if I’m going to have a donut, the least I can do is get off my butt and walk into the store.  The trouble is, nine times out of ten I am met at the door by a store employee holding out a hot, fresh, glazed donut and asking, “Would you like a free sample?”  What am I going to say, no thanks, I’m just here for the coffee?

Now I am in a real bind.  Even if I was totally committed to having ONE donut, I can’t possibly do that.  You can’t just take your free donut and walk out.  So now I figure I have to buy at least two donuts, and now I am looking at eating three donuts.  And then you look at the pricing and it’s cheaper to buy a dozen than just a few.  It’s either cottage cheese for dinner, or it’s time to get creative.

Here’s a chance to save yourself calories and do something positive. 

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