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It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Natural food ingredients – If you were ever near a TV in the 70s, you probably remember the series of ads where an off-camera narrator tried to foist Chiffon Margarine off on Mother Nature instead of butter.  She responded with the phrase, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” accompanied by thunder and lightning to express her displeasure.  It’s a shame we can’t seem to take the lesson to heart.

In the era of the commercial campaign in question, American consumers were switching to margarine as a “healthy alternative” to the saturated fat of butter.  It was decades before research revealed that the trans fats used in most margarines were at least as bad as the saturated fat, if not worse.  For some reason, our bodies don’t seem to know what to do with trans fats except use them to coat our arteries.

The scientific community is still fighting over the possible explanations of the “French Paradox,” namely, how a country that drowns everything in butter manages a relatively low rate of heart disease.  Some argue that the diets of pregnant women have an impact on the developing fetus such that the baby “learns” before birth how to handle saturated fat.  Some believe it’s simply that we are better able to fully metabolize natural fats, as the French diet is low in hydrogenated or otherwise chemically manipulated fats.  Sadly, the impact of red wine has been thoroughly debunked (but I’m having a glass just to be on the safe side).  Whatever the explanation turns out to be, there is a general consensus in the medical community that a diet high in natural saturated fat is not the ticking time bomb it was once thought to be.  So be aware that butter is hugely high in fat and calories, but if you want it, have it.  It’s probably better for you in the long run than anything that pretends to be butter but isn’t.

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