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Mea Gulpa (or, forgive me for blowing my diet)

Guilty eating food – A few years back, when a certain psychologist (I’ll call him “Dr. Bill”) was hawking diet advice via the TV show of his good friend (let’s call her “Opah”), I watched just long enough for the top of my head to blow off.  I mean, in the first place, where does a 6-foot-4-inch, um, portly man, who is not even a  medical doctor, get off telling an audience of mostly women how to control their weight?  You might as well go to a Catholic priest for advice on feminine hygiene products.  But here was Dr. Bill, taking audience questions and phone-ins about diet plans.

So a woman calls in asking for advice because, after a long, hard week of working, caring for her family, and sticking to her diet, she had broken down and had a hot fudge sundae.  Does Dr. Bill tell her it’s okay, it sounds like she deserved it?  Does he ask if she enjoyed it?  (Does he ask if it was regular or bittersweet?)  No, he tells her to “forgive herself” for her terrible sin of sabotaging her diet, and to resolve to do better next week.  Excuse me?


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